Slides fra Årsmødet 2024:

Nicholas Brodszky: Immundefekt

Bo Chawes: Astma hos børn

Abstract præsenteret på Årsmødet 2024:

Julie Kyvsgaard: Burden and subtypes of early-life infections increase the risk of asthma and adverse lung function

Tamo Sultan: Levels of total IgE vs. specific IgE during childhood for defining and predicting TH2-high astma

Trine Mølbæk-Engbjerg: Deep clinical, exposome, and multi-omics assessments of the Danish COPSAC2000 birth cohort at age 18 years

Anne Katrine Bak Poulsen: Feasibility of Assessing the abnormal Paediatric Airway using Rotational Optical Coherence Tomography – The OCT Air Study

Nicklas Brustad: Urban metabolic and airway immune profiles increase the risk of infections inearly childhood 

Rie Daubjerg: Normal Saline for children with bronchiolitis

Lotte Fulgsang Larsen: Patient Reported Outcome Measurement in children and adolescents with Tracheomalacia and Esophageal Atresia

Sophie Felding Goul: Prevention of respiratory tract infections and asthma wheezing in Danish Children

Laura Marie Hesselberg: Sex differences in childhood asthma are driven by a T2-high phenotype and mediated through sex hormone metabolites

Præsentationer til Årsmøde 2022

Prof. Susanne Halken: EAACI Food Prevention Guideline

Prof. Martin Metz : Chronic urticaria

Abstracts til Årsmøde 2022

Anne Katrine Bak Poulsen: Feasibility of optical CT in pediatric airways

Rikke Sandvik: Bacterial detection with a new sensitive method in children with cystic fibrosis

Laura Marie Hesselberg: Gender Differences, Determinants, and Association between Handgrip Strength and Measures of Lung Function in Childhood

Rikke Sandvik: Longitudinelle lungefunktionsmålinger med SF6 gasudvaskning hos børn med cystisk fibrose i alderen 0-4 år

Rikke Sandvik: Sammenligning af N2 og SF6 gasudvaskning hos raske samt spæd- og småbørn med cystisk fibrose

Julie N. Kyvsgaard: Patterns and predictors of daily asthma-like symptoms during early childhood

Harice N Cömert: Respiratory viruses over a one-year-period in 0-3-year old children with cystic fibrosis

Signe Kjeldgaard Jensen: Limited role of eosinophils in pre-school atopic disease: a prospective mother-child cohort study

Rikke Sunde: Neonatal Endotyping of Childhood Asthma. Clinical Follow-Up During 18 Years 

Professor Anette Kjeldsen præsentation om næseproblemer hos børn 2020

Professor Mike Shields præsentation om hoste hos børn 2020