Abstract præsenteret på Årsmødet 2024

Julie Kyvsgaard: Burden and subtypes of early-life infections increase the risk of asthma and adverse lung function

Tamo Sultan: Levels of total IgE vs. specific IgE during childhood for defining and predicting TH2-high astma

Trine Mølbæk-Engbjerg: Deep clinical, exposome, and multi-omics assessments of the Danish COPSAC2000 birth cohort at age 18 years

Anne Katrine Bak Poulsen: Feasibility of Assessing the abnormal Paediatric Airway using Rotational Optical Coherence Tomography – The OCT Air Study

Nicklas Brustad: Urban metabolic and airway immune profiles increase the risk of infections in early childhood 

Rie Daubjerg: Normal Saline for children with bronchiolitis

Lotte Fulgsang Larsen: Patient Reported Outcome Measurement in children and adolescents with Tracheomalacia and Esophageal Atresia

Sophie Felding Goul: Prevention of respiratory tract infections and asthma wheezing in Danish Children

Laura Marie Hesselberg: Sex differences in childhood asthma are driven by a T2-high phenotype and mediated through sex hormone metabolites

Abstract indsendt til Årsmøde 2023

Congenital Pulmonary Malformation, pre- and postnatal diagnosis and management.

Ventilation-perfusion mismatches suggesting post COVID sequelae – does it matter?

Type 2-high airway inflammation in childhood asthma distinguishes a more severe phenotype

Mapping the developing infant gut microbiome to enable asthma preventive interventions


Genetic predisposition to psychiatric disease and risk of asthma, allergy, and eczema throughout childhood

Sex differences in childhood asthma is driven by a T2-high phenotype and mediated through sex hormone metabolites

Bifidobacterium infantis to newborns: Effects of modulating the gut microbial composition on infections and inflammatory conditions, a randomized controlled double-blinded intervention trial

Asthma Development is Associated with an Aberrant IL-10 Response to Viruses in Early Life

Fish Oil and Vitamin D Supplementations in Pregnancy Protect Against Childhood Croup

Using Lateral Decubitus Computed Tomography (CT) to Monitor Structural Lung Disease in Young Children with Cystic Fibrosis

Turning Lung Clearance Index on its head. Reference data for SF6 Multiple Breath Washout Derived Ventilation Distribution Efficiency (VDE)

Exhaled Nitric Oxide is only an Asthma-relevant Biomarker among Children with Allergic Sensitization

Early-life antibiotic exposure increases the risk of asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema

The significance of early mono- and poly-sensitization on the development of rhinoconjunctivitis in childhood

Late pulmonary adverse effects and pulmonary function in children and adolescent survivors of ALL